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como cuidar piel embarazo

How to take care of your skin during pregnancy

Luminous skin and rosy cheeks, we’ve all heard mums-to-be talk about getting their “pregnancy glow”. While for some of us that may come true, oftentimes our changing hormones come with much less desired skin effects. Increased sensitivity, acne, and discoloration can take you by surprise especially when you notice that your regular skincare rituals simply no longer do the trick.

As your body enters a new chapter, it can feel overwhelming finding new products while trying to juggle everything else going on. We believe pregnancy skincare shouldn’t be so stressful. That’s why here at éclat412 we’ve created a simple yet comprehensive guide for skincare replacements that you can try to keep you and your baby well cared for. Let’s get started!

Pregnancy Skin Changes

Pregnancy hormones can cause all sorts of changes during and after you welcome your new baby. While everyone’s experience are going to be different some of the more common bumps in the road include:

● Growing skin sensitivity 

● Stretch marks

● Melasma, more commonly known as skin discoloration 

● Increased oil production leading to more acne breakouts

 Ingredients to Steer Clear From

Our bodies love to keep us on our toes! Sometimes that means that your usual products might start irritating your skin. If that is the case, it’s time to pivot! Having a good pregnancy skincare routine doesn’t mean you have to clear out all your shelves to make room for new products. It does, however, mean there might need to be some slight adjustments. Here is a list of ingredients, products, and cosmetic treatments that are best to pause while pregnant.

  • Cosmetic procedures. Botox and fillers are considered unsafe for moms-to-be.
  • Retinol. Used daily, retinoids work to clear acne and reduce the signs of aging. However, while pregnant it is highly encouraged to stop as studies have shown it can impact embryo development.
  • Salicylic acid. While some say it’s okay in small doses, high quantities can cause a toxic syndrome called Salicylism causing harm to both you and your baby.
  • Hydroquinone. While tempting to use when you notice dark spots or discoloration, this skin-lightening agent should be stopped to avoid negative side effects.
  • Heavily scented skin products and fragrances. Chemical cleaning solutions and moisturizers can irritate the skin that's why we recommend opting for natural skincare solutions.

Pregnancy-Safe Product Alternatives

By now, you must be wondering what can I use and do for healthy glowing skin?

To keep your skin feeling comfortable, we recommend starting with a facial cleanser followed by a gentle cream. Our favorites include our facial cleansing gel and Hydra Radiance cream. Made with natural ingredients like honey, chamomile and grape seed extract, these dermatologist-approved will cleanse and replenish your skin without irritating the surface.

If you're looking for a retinol replacement, bakuchiol is an amazing natural alternative made from the babchi plant that's perfect for sensitive skin. If you start to experience hyperpigmentation, look for products with azelaic acid to lighten discoloration and reduce potential breakouts. Last but not least, our Vitamin C-rich serum is ideal for brightening the face and reducing the signs of aging. It is better to apply it before a mineral sunscreen, this serum is an inexhaustible source of antioxidants.

Taking the first step

Are you ready to upgrade your routine with natural skin care products? Click here to take the first step.