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Cómo afecta los ciclos menstruales a la piel

How menstrual cycles affect the skin

You’re feeling moody, your stomach is bloated and the cherry on top - your skin is having a field day. Say hello to the mysteries of womanhood, in particular the hormonal impact your menstrual cycle can have on your skin. There may be weeks where you look and feel absolutely radiant only to wake up to find yourself trying to soothe irritated skin. Do you want to hear the secret to balancing your hormonal skin changes? Here’s how the menstrual cycle affects your skin and dermatology recommended tips on how to take care of it.

Understanding Your Hormones
During your monthly cycle, your body produces three different hormones you need to be aware of called estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. As the days go by, these hormones will vary in levels impacting the appearance of your skin.

In the first half of your 28-day cycle, estrogen encourages the release of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid thus improving your skin’s elasticity, hydration, and thickness. During this time your skin looks fresh and moisturized. When you enter the second half of the month, progesterone levels begin to increase causing the production of sebum. This prompts your pores to close up, often triggering hormonal acne. When estrogen and progesterone hormone levels fluctuate, testosterone which remains a constant during the cycle can cause a build-up of oil on your skin.

Skincare At Every Stage
Taking care of your skin can feel like a guessing game but it’s time for that to change! No more mysterious blemishes, let’s break down the menstrual cycle skincare process so you know exactly how to treat hormonal skin changes.

Menstruation | Days 1 - 6
During your period you may notice that your skin loses some of its glow, appearing drier and feeling more irritated than before. To alleviate the effects of low hormone production during this time make sure to use products that hydrate and moisture your skin such as a gentle hyaluronic serum or a natural face cream.

Follicular Phase | Days 7 - 11
In the days that follow your period, estrogen levels begin to rise encouraging your cells to turnover. Lean into this by exfoliating and gently removing dead skin. This will leave your skin feeling fresh and with a little bit of Vitamin C serum to top it off, radiant day in and day out.

Ovulation | Days 12 - 16
This is the time your skin looks its best! With an increase in estrogen production, the appearance of pores goes down and moisture retention keeps your skin looking hydrated all day long.
To keep the streak going, aim for oil-free products such as retinol and a good cleansing routine to keep your skin looking young.

Luteal Phase | Days 17 - 28
The luteal phase comes right before your period which often means you are in for some hormonal acne. With the rise of progesterone and testosterone, it’s incredibly important to clear your pores and reduce oil production. This means using products such as a clay mask and a salicylic acid face wash.

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